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Video Drone Surveys

Plan For Disaster Recovery

Find out how we can help your local PD, FD, power, or emergency response teams, and uncover infrastructure failures safely.


Infrared camera paired with real time side by side RGB videography delivers on demand, and real time situational awareness that we can deploy in minutes.

Search And Rescue Drones

Providing Drone Services For Emergencies

Drones surveys allow relief workers to operate remotely in disaster areas normally inaccessible to humans or manned vehicles. When mere seconds could mean the difference between life and death for those unfortunately caught within a disaster area, the roles that drones play cannot be overstated. 

Disaster response drones can be outfitted with thermal imaging cameras allowing relief workers to locate heat signatures that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Emergency responders can also use drones to provide valuable aid and relief by flying over in difficult-to-reach locations and asses immediate threats to life. Drone inspections of damaged infrastructure is an invaluable tool in the aid of disaster recovery.


AGL provides drone services in emergency situations in Puerto Rico and the USVIs.

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