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Josh Greenberg

Founder, Chief Pilot

With over 20 years in technical professional services, Josh has pivoted from architecting and delivering enterprise data center technology to the quickly evolving UAS space. A FAA Certificated Part 107 Remote Pilot, he also holds a certification as a sUAS Thermographer from ITC. His focus now is bringing the highest quality imaging data to business as a partner to drive clients’ success.

Gosh Greenberg AGL Drone Services

AGL Imaging Services strives to provide you with transparent and accurate pricing, while delivering reliable and accurate drone services. We recognize that all project sites are unique and will require us to discuss the details prior to enable accurate pricing. We work with you to generate a quote based on your requirements.

AGL Imaging Services carries $1m liabilty insurance and is certified in the following: FAA Part 107, ITC Thermography, OSHA 30 Workplace Safety, and NIMS Incident Management.


*AGL Imaging Services does not offer these services: 

  1. The surveying of areas for the correct determination and description and conveyance;

  2. The establishment of corners, lines, boundaries, and monuments;

  3. The platting of land and subdivisions thereof, including, as required, the functions of topography, grading, drainage, and extension of sewer and water lines;

  4. The defining and location of corners, lines, boundaries, and monuments of land after they have been established; and

  5. Preparing the maps, and accurate records and descriptions thereof.


For any of such services, a client should engage a land surveyor who the US Virgin Islands licenses (see US Virgin Islands Code, Title 27, Chapter 8).

For clarification, please contact us

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