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Video Drone Photgraphy Virgin Islands

Drone Photography

Enhancing Real Estate Marketing Assets

Aerial imaging for residential and commercial real estate, solar applications and building inspections is our specialty. We offer regular visual updates to track project progress on your schedule. You can get weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually updates automatically.

AGL Drone Photography also enhances real-estate listings with overhead aerial shots, unique angles and visualizations creating market differentiation and grabbing attention.

Our services allows you to highlight commercial and residential property and buildings from new viewpoints.



Aerial Drone Photography 

Industrial Applications 

Understand your solar deployment options. AGL Drone Photography will help you discover roof footprints and usable space for solar panel installations. You can safely get remote non-contact eyes on hard to access roofs or structures, including thermal scans to identify moisture or structural compromise, inspect larger plots quickly from distance. 

AGL Drone Photography will provide fast deployment of UAS systems allows for quick response on-demand eyes in the sky. Get access to almost real-time 2D overhead maps to improve situational awareness, incident response, accident reconstruction, crime scene documentation, and infrastructure assessments available.

Document your progress for your PMs, leadership, and site management teams in a professional format. We offer can offer you repeatable flight plans to ensure consistent visualizations as we leverage stored telemetry to deliver consistent and repeatable snapshots every time.

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